# Unfold Türkiye Secrets: Learn Türkçe in Native Urdu Language

Turkish Language Course in Urdu

Enjoy professional competencies and equip yourself with on-the-go graphics designing tools.

Master Turkish language & culture with Azib Mehmood, your Pakistani guide in Turkey. Bridge the gap between continents and unlock a world of new experiences.

Istanbul in Your Pocket

Order food, navigate streets, chat with locals - speak Turkish like a pro.

Career Bridge to Turkey

Open doors to business, tourism, and education opportunities.

Live & Interactive

Connect with fellow Urdu speakers, learn from a Pakistani guide in Turkey.

Why this course?

Unleash the world of Istanbul and beyond. Speak Turkish with confidence, embrace the vibrant culture, and unlock new possibilities.

Do you imagine strolling through Istanbul's bustling markets, bargaining for spices in fluent Turkish?

Imagine connecting with Turkish friends, sharing chai and laughter, and understanding their jokes.

If this is you, then this course is your bridge to that reality!

Immerse yourself in live, interactive sessions led by Azib Mehmood, a Pakistani-Turkish resident and expert in Turkish language and culture.

Live & Local

Connect with fellow Urdu speakers, learn from a Pakistani guide in Turkey.

Culture Unlocked

Understand jokes, traditions, and hidden gems like a true Istanbul insider.

Masterful Progress

Structured curriculum designed for Urdu speakers, beginner to confident speaker.

Career Catalyst

Open doors to business, tourism, and education opportunities in Turkey.

Anytime Access

Review lessons and practice anywhere, convenient recordings available.

Flexible Fit

Learn from the comfort of your home, attend live sessions at your own pace.

Salam! I'm Azib Mahmood!

Ever dream of strolling Istanbul's spice bazaars, haggling like a pro in your best Türkçe? Yeah, me too! That's why I'm here, your Pakistani pal turned Turkish language guru.

Forget boring textbooks and robotic phrases. With me, we'll ditch the "Merhaba" scripts and dive into real Turkish life. Imagine slurping peynir on the Bosphorus, cracking jokes with shopkeepers, and understanding those hilarious Turkish memes (finally!). No sweat, we'll get you there, "nasip!"

So, ditch the tourist whispers and join me on this Turkish adventure. Let's unlock Istanbul's secrets, one "günaydın" and "afiyet olsun" at a time! You'll be speaking Türkçe like a local in no time, belting out "Haydi bakalım!" with the best of them. Trust me, it'll be "bomba!"

Let's go!

200+ Students have already changed their lives...

Asked Questions

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Knowledgeable mentors with exemplary support
New path in new era, people will glad to know the only institute is now open in Pakistan which gives all in one shad will help the learner about digital handlings from modern equipped practically knowledgeable mentors with technical support.

Syed Tanzeel ur Rehman Gillani Research Executive, IRIS Communications

Wonderful Learning Experience with Digital Mindset
My best wishes for the learners to get practical exposure under the shadow of experienced mentors. It has been such a wonderful experience learning new digital toolsets with DIP.

Mansoor Saleem Senior Officer, Student Success Initiative, University of Management & Technology, Lahore.

Helpful Course Resources and content
I want to express gratitude towards trainers at Digital Institute of Pakistan (DIP). Because of the course and resources they provided, I had the opportunity to become familiar with the most helpful parts of advanced digital marketing techniques.

Haseeb Mohmand Khan DIP Review
Haseeb Mohmand Khan CEO Bin Ameer Constructs, CEO Khwandona Restaurant

Amazing Learning Experience
This course has been a great source of encouragement and inspiration for me. Besides, the course was enlightening, which allowed me to understand the different ideas and procedures that are utilized in advanced marketing tactics in practical market. Join them to learn new ideas, techniques and market trends. The timely support by tutors after course has been great.

Usman Aslam DIP Review
Usman Aslam Public TV Journalist

Extraordinary Course Syllabus
The course was very informative. It really encouraged me a great deal in understanding the digital marketing. Moreover, assignments were an extraordinary fun! The syllabus provided me with a wide variety of things occurring in digital marketing that I never knew before! Thank you so much!

Hooria Batool DIP Review
Hooria Batool Manager Sales and Marketing, Kings Park Gwadar

Supportive and Practical Experience
This was my first course from Digital Institute of Pakistan and I loved the experience altogether. Trainers were very kind and supportive, I enjoyed their method of conveying lectures. Easy explanations and loads of examples and practical exercises helped a lot through the course. Thank you for this amazing course.

Usman Khan Area Sales Head, Telenor

Supportive attitude and environment
I had quite a good experience with Digital Institute of Pakistan (DIP). The trainers were very supportive and answered my queries to the best they could. Number of assignments and hands-on exercises enabled us to deeply understand the core concepts. For the content part, the modules were excellently delivered on time.

Zeeshan Khan DIP Review
Zeeshan Khan CEO ZK Enterprises

Specialized Mentors & Trainers
If you to ask me as an expert how was my experience of learning with Digital Institute of Pakistan is, I will say their specialized mentors, shared trait is an energy they provided to me to upgrade abilities and experience. I highly recommend DIP to all those who want to learn and exceed to success.

Jahanzaib Khan DIP Review
Jahanzaib Khan Production Team Lead, Tapal Tea Pvt. Ltd.

Enthusiastic Mentors
Mentors here are so enthusiastic. They push me to be a professional. I have additionally discovered an incredible team of professionals, and the classes, however thorough, really set me up to do extraordinary things in freelancing. There’s lots of career help available to prepare you for after course. They are highly recommended.

Azib Mehmood Manager Operations, Kings Park Gwadar

Clear, Practical & Inspiring
The information and guidance the trainers are providing is clear, practical, and inspiring. I am positive that I stand a much better chance of success as a freelancer after taking this course. Not only teaching the tools, they have focused also on aesthetic sense of creatives and audience cultures which is beyond perfect. Plenty of knowledge here.

Esha Khan Creative Designer

Concepts presented Clearly
The concepts to the art of selling and persuasion were presented clearly. I have now not only the clear picture of basics but also a solid understanding on the concepts that revolve around selling online. Thank you DIP for such a great course. I really look forward to enrolling myself into future courses. It has been a great journey. Highly recommended. Thank you!

Umer Shahid Manager Risk, The Bank of Punjab

Extremely Relevant & Helping
I found this course to be extremely relevant to anyone involved in online marketing and looking to improve their online business, improve customer engagement, and understand the value of different online tools and websites. The instructors were experts who explained the concept with easy-to-understand videos and clear instructions. Highly recommended.

Mobeen Omer DIP Review
Mobeen Omer IT & Network Engineer

Convenient Timetable
The digital marketing course gave me a firm understanding of how the online marketing is working these days. The trainers were very good in delivering their lectures. The course was laid out in a convenient timetable. The concepts delivered in structured manner really helped me out. I appreciate the straightforward teaching methodology of DIP.

Muhammad Ali Butt National BTL Manager, Infinix Mobility

Supportive & Logical
I appreciate the simple and straightforward way of lecturers. They explain each concept very well. The lectures presented in a logical and sequential manner helped me a lot as a beginner in digital marketing. Throughout the course, I found the course material very helpful to understanding the core concepts.

Muassir Nazir Marketing Executive Sajwani Exchange

Excellent & Extremely Clear
The course content was very well thought-out. It lead me through the fundamentals to the advanced foundations to further my future into being a successful virtual assistant. The direction given by the trainers was excellent and extremely clear. The trainers were supportive and dealt with our queries very professionally. I appreciate the initiative by DIP.

Hannan Roy Virtual Assistant, Turbo Debt (US)

Incredibly Beneficial
I found the video editing course excellent. It introduced basic fundamental concepts and lead us through the advanced concepts. Being a YouTuber, I found the course incredibly beneficial to creative requirements of appealing videos. This was a much valuable course for me. Appreciated. Sir Umar taught us beyond our expectations.

Zahid Nazir DIP Review
Zahid Nazir YouTuber

Comprehensive Digital Marketing Strategy
It is a very interesting and informative course, a comprehensive digital marketing strategy and I found this course easy to understand and follow. I have already started working on Sir Waqas' guidelines to set up my own digital marketing setup. They have been very supportive even after myself graduating from the course.

Abdul Wahab DIP Review
Abdul Wahab Sales Executive, Master Molty Foam

Great boost for me
This course covered almost all topics of Digital Marketing and this was a great boost for me to go with it. I've learned so much from SEO, to social media marketing so much more. I'm really glad I took this course. I would definitely recommend this course for anyone who's starting their digital marketing platform.

Faiq Hassan Janjua Marketing Executive, Fassna Group of Industries

Supportive and Encouraging
This was a valuable course for me. The concepts were clearly delivered. I felt encouraged from the very beginning of the course to not to worry about having been left behind. The trainers were very supportive. The review sessions helped me a lot throughout the course. I appreciate the way DIP cares for their students.

Fahad Khakwani Assistant Business development Manager, Henkel

Reinforced through Evaluations
I learned absolutely new stuff! The course content was very nice and the lectures were super easy to understand the core concepts. The teachers were very kind. The way the teachers cared for us helped us a lot. The way the course was reinforced through evaluations helped me a lot.

Mubashir Shafi Khaan Digital Marketing Consultant, ForceGrowth

Surpassed my Expectations
This course surpassed my expectations! It is amazingly all around with engaging materials. What intrigued me is the nature of the course, the fascinating contextual analyses, interesting case studies which includes practical tips for how to target pin point customers to get more competitive advantage.

Khwaja Umer Ilyas Faculty Member, University of Management & Technology, Lahore.

Intriguing and Persuasive
I am satisfied with the experience of e-learning with DIP. I discovered the course to be intriguing and persuasive. In spite of the fact that I know about photography fundamentals. I found that I took in a great deal. The content was laid out clearly and concisely and in a very engaging manner. Thank you for such a great course! Highly recommended.

Syed Farjad Hussain Senior Business Analyst

Amazing Learning Experience
Each lecture delivered was perfect. Great job from instructors. I had a great experience. The learning experience was worth it. There was a very nice balance of theory and practical evaluations. The lectures were very concise and very well organized. The material too was very fluent. They gave examples for each concept discussed. Thank you so much for the course.

Hassan Mehmood DIP Review
Hassan Mehmood Senior Officer, Customer Success

Progressive and Useful
Very well compiled course. The digital marketing course gave me insights into how the online marketing world works and what makes it tick. The lessons were designed to be progressive and to build on knowledge and skills acquired in previous lessons. The assignments were useful to practice what was learned in the online lessons.

Talha Khan DIP Review
Talha Khan Silk Bank

Knowledgeable and Informative
Mr. Zaman is quite knowledgeable about camera handling and about teaching also. That unquestionably comes through in the basic clarifications of some confounded issues and with the empowering style that Mr. Zaman uses, as well as with his sense of humour. Will surely recommend the course. Thank you a lot!

Romeo Ali Photographer & YouTuber