Globally and in Pakistan, middle and well-compensated sectorial positions are being replaced with automated and digitalized work. Before this, women in Pakistan were generally employed as clerical specialists, secretaries, clerks, receptionists and nurses. Fundamentally ladies were employed in low-risk positions, however that isn’t valid for each lady as a few of them cut a way for themselves in their professions. Since most of the women from low to middle-income families were successful in secretarial and administrative positions, their career direction was risked as innovative technological advancements supplanted such positions. Furthermore, managerial positions are low paying in nature and women must be urged to redesign their abilities so as to go after worthwhile positions.

Also, in spite of there being various professional skills training organizations and institutes in Pakistan where training is conferred to women, including the National Vocational Technical Training Commission (NAVTTC), Skills Development Council, and Punjab Skills Development Fund (PSDF), there are just 22.8% women in the workforce. On the off chance that these training institutes exist, at that point what is keeping women from getting employed and turning out to be economically-empowered citizens of Pakistan? Is it on the grounds that the trainings inferred in such institutes are obsolete and not planned in consonance with the skills of today’s digital age?

Instead of relying on outdated and obsolete training manuals and materials being taught in such institutions, Pakistan should consider teaching women digitally by setting up online platforms that are also accessbile by women who cannot travel to far-off areas or the ones who cannot leave their house premises. This will also minimize the mobility issues and poor transportation facilities.

Fortunately, women don’t have to wait for another generation before they begin closing the gap as they are building up the skills that today’s evolving job market requires besides becoming increasingly aware of the skills of the future.

Findings and Recommendations

To understand the dynamics of the issues women face in our society, we first need to identify these issues and recommend an implementable solution to these findings.

Women in Pakistan possess untapped potential to drive the economical and technological advancement of Pakistan but they need access to appropriate technologies and skills to participate fully. Although several institutions funded by Government are playing their part in an effort to drive this change, but they are unable to keep with the pace of change of technology, thereby they are unable to provide these students with enough efficient skills and experience that is needed to thrive to the ever-changing digital world.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing has changed more in the past 10 years than it had in the previous 100—launching us out of the age of TV spots and print ads and into the age of websites, online video, social media, and Google. Consumers today are connected to the web 24/7 through various social media networks and webs.

Women can master Digital Marketing and provide result-oriented services to local and international clients and earn a handsome salary without any mobility and transportation issues.

Social Media Management (SMM)

To understand the dynamics of audience in the ever-changing world of social media is vital for brand or organization relationship with audience. It is a responsibility to get the crowd talking about your brand.

Social Media Management is also one of the most demanding online and in-house jobs in ever-changing Digital Industry. It is a need of not only the digital industry but all businesses that are providing services or are selling digital or physical goods.

Creative Content Production

A creative content production skill can cater various project needs of clients, businesses, startups, and industry firms of almost all industries. Creative content production is also one of those skills that determine the success of advertising campaigns.

Creative Content Production is one of the most demanding online jobs available, providing women a powerful tool to connect with clients across the world and support themselves independently and financially.

Digital Productivity Tools

Through this comprehensive digital productivity skills course, women are taught how to manage and utilize the digital tools for everyday tasks. From searching, planning, emailing, and collaborating with Google and other tools to effectively researching on the Internet to extract data, evaluate sources and utilizing tools for digital project management.

This module introduces a series of skills that help the women in Pakistan master digital skills, thereby expanding their employment opportunities in the ever-evoloving digital world.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistants hold diverse potential for women to work from home and earn a handsome salaray while working from home. From administration, sklp tracing, call center calling, research to customer support and files handling, Virtual Assistants are most demanding remote job positions in digital age of today.

Amazon Services

Amazon FBA Training enables the women to become not only entrepreneur by working from home, but also make passive income with their Amazon FBA business. This training has many sub-categories that one may provide the services for. From product hunting for clients, negotiating prices, sourcing products from all over the world, to analyzing a product and category and writing product listings, this course will enable the most talented women to earn income in huge figures while working from home.

Women today can take steps to improve their access to opportunities and forge paths for young women who will follow them tomorrow. Digital Institute of Pakistan has long-term plans with extensive supporting research to help the women in Pakistan become financially-independent by teaching them a variety of digital skills in demand today.

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